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Although some people have their doubts about the randomness of online slot machines, players really have nothing to worry about. In fact, the odds are much better for players with online slot machines compared to most land based, mechanical slot machines. The payout percentage rate for most online slots tends to hover around 95%. The same payout rate for mechanical slots is nowhere near this.

It may look as though the reels are 'spinning' when in fact they are not. The outcomes are determined by reliable mathematical algorithms and Random Number Generators. Online Slots give you the illusion that the reels are spinning, but they aren't. However, the outcomes are just as realistic online as they are in real life.

Online slots are capable of offering players more of an impressive gaming experience. The bonus rounds on most of today's video slots are far better experienced from your PC or Laptop than from a land based gaming machine. The online jackpots can also quite often accumulate to extraordinary amounts because so many millions of players are all playing for the same top prize. It is quite common now for players to see a progressive jackpot that is worth more than $/€/$5 Million.

Online slots can be played instantly in your browser, but you can also access them after installing a secure casino download client onto your computer. You will generally have the choice, but for a more comprehensive selection of games and for better quality, downloadable slots are generally the better option.

Although this is quite often the case, there are several software companies that have recently developed some amazing non-downloadable, flash slots such as Sheriff Gaming, Netentertainment and BetSoft. Microgaming and Playtech have also now started developing an extensive catalogue of high quality flash slots.

You can play on your favourite online slot machine 24/7 if you really wanted to and there are approximately 2000 different titles to choose from. This is why it's always a good idea to shop around and play at several different casinos, just to see what different software companies have to offer because there is so much choice out there today and there is a theme for everyone.

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