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Roulette is a popular table game that is available to play at every online casino today. The most common variations of this popular game generally include American Roulette, French Roulette and European Roulette. American Roulette has two green zeros and the other two versions have just one green zero.

The betting takes place on a betting table and the odds will vary a great deal depending on where you want to place your chips. A ball is released around the roulette wheel and it will make several revolutions before randomly coming to a stop in one of the slots. Your aim is to try and guess which slot that ball will land in.

Half of the slots are red and the other half are black and each slot is individually numbered. If for example you wanted to place a bet on either red or black, 1-18, 19-36, Even or Odd, you would be paid 1:1 and the minimum bet is generally $/€/£1.00, so you would basically double your money if you win with this particular bet.

A Colum/Dozen contains 12 numbers, so placing a bet on this outcome would pay 2:1. A Line bet would pay 5:1. A Corner/Four bet would pay 8:1. A Street Bet, which contains just three numbers, would pay 11:1. A Split Bet pays 17:1 and a Straight Up bet (betting on one single number) has the highest paying odds of 35:1.

Playing roulette online has several advantages. One of these advantages is that you can generally turn the animations off so that the gameplay is much quicker. You can also turn the sounds on or off, plus there are plenty of other adjustable in-play settings that you can customise to your liking.

It is also easier to place a bet around the roulette table when playing online, compared with placing a bet around a real life roulette table. The movement of the mouse and the responsive on-screen player controls generally make the betting process extremely simple, plus you can always keep an eye on the recent game history when playing online.

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